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L0 - Pre-Incubation Program

Let's move forward with the support we provide on this exciting path!

If you want to start a successful career in the gaming industry or further your game development skills, join our program and take your first step towards an exciting future in the gaming world! ​ 

Entrepreneurship, Our program, which covers key start-up competencies such as leadership, game development processes, trends in the game industry, creative preparation, Blender and Unity, offers an accelerated start to those interested in game development.



In addition to our trainings, we also offer supportive assignments to strengthen the learning experience of the participants. Our program;

  • online events,

  • team building opportunities within the community,

  • access to the gaming network 

  • It also includes many advantages such as experienced mentoring services.


When the participants successfully complete the program, they will have gained basic game development skills and will be able to produce prototype games ready for teamwork.


We also offer an Acceleration Program for participants who aim to turn their games into commercial products in the future.





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