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Our events

We organize fun events for the game industry in The Game Circle community. You can be a part of these events by joining us!

Türkiye Game Development Championship

It is a three-day game jam event for game developers all over Turkey, which will take place face-to-face in Ankara, where game developers have the opportunity to present their games to investors and publishers at the end of the event.

Game Jam.png

Game Development and Complementary Technologies Series

It is an interview and presentation activity in which we examine the relations between the technologies used in game development processes and games. The event is open to all gamers.

Oyun Geliştirme ve Tamamlayıcı Teknolojiler.png

Meet The Circle

It is a physical meeting event where we work together, drink coffee and chat in The Game Circle Ankara and Istanbul offices for the purpose of socializing and meeting our community.

Meet the Circle.png

Begin The Circle

For gamers who are interested in the game industry but do not have experience and knowledge; These are introductory courses in basic game development disciplines that aim to introduce them to the game industry.

Begin the Circle.png

Vote Circle Up

It is a surprise award-winning game testing event where the games developed by the game studios of The Game Circle are tested by our community, feedback is given.

Vote Circle.png

Trend Talks

It is a trend workshop event where we talk and analyze the rapid changes and new trends in the game industry and produce new ideas together. The event is open to all gamers.

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