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Let's move forward with the support we provide on this exciting path!

Incubation and Acceleration Program, digital game(PC, Mobile, VR, Web), Metaverse, XR/VRcovers areas.


The program is   It is a development and growth program that supports several years of growth. In this program, mainly training, mentoring, joint development, meeting with investors and publishers services are offered.

The program consists of technical mentoring trainings given by selected mentors and guest speakers, where we manage the game development process with a coordinator assigned to each accepted team, where there are online office hours, online and offline question-and-answer sessions, information is shared through webinars and workshops to be held at regular intervals. It has an interactive content consisting of. 


When the program is completed, it is aimed that each team will develop at least one prototype (MVP) game.

At the end of the intensive program, you will both get to know the game industry better by developing games, and you will have the opportunity to present your games to the market.


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