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Game Artist

Operating in the game industry, Game Circle is looking for a "Game Artist" teammate to employ in our Yıldız YTU Technopark office. Our company needs a talented Game Artist for creative and successful game projects.


What are we waiting for?


  • Graduation from Game Design, Animation, Graphic Design or related departments,

  • have a good command of English,

  • Having experience in hypercasual games,

  • Good knowledge of Unity and integration,

  • Being able to use Blender 3D modeling program well (High Poly & Low Poly Modeling),

  • To be able to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Substance Painter,

  • Have a minimum of 2 years experience in the related field.


What will you do?


  • Creating in-game 3D assets, designing high-quality assets such as objects, characters, environments, accessories,

  • Creating environmental concept models with texture and UV maps,

  • Making the models you produce ready for the game by transferring them into Unity,

  • Designing UIs and integrating them into the game within Unity,

  • Creating humanoid and generic animations and transferring these animations to Unity,

  • Basic understanding and processing of particle effects and shaders in Unity,

  • Making level design, lighting settings and post processing in Unity.


As The Game Circle, we want to collaborate with a talented Game Artist in order to produce successful projects in the game world. As a team that attaches importance to creativity and quality, we aim to make the games visually and artistically impressive. Therefore, as a proven, talented and passionate Game Artist in the gaming industry, we look forward to working with you and making valuable contributions to the gaming world.


We look forward to your applications and to join The Game Circle family.

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