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Blockchain Developer

Game Circle is looking for a "Blockchain Developer" teammate operating in the game industry and giving importance to technology, to employ at Yıldız YTU Technopark office. 


Required Qualifications:


  • Graduated from Computer Engineering or related departments,

  • Have a good command of English,

  • Developing smart contracts using the Solidity programming language,

  • Having knowledge of Javascript,

  • To be able to use the OpenZeppelin library well,

  • Knowing Web3.js and Ether.js libraries,

  • Optional working with tools such as SQL, Truffle, Ganache, Infura and Alchemy.


Job Description:


In this position, you will write smart contracts for developed games. You will work with dedication to ensure that smart contracts are compatible with game projects and provide the best performance. At the same time, you will do API integrations to ensure games are compatible with different systems.


As Game Circle, we are working to bring the game world together with blockchain technology and to provide players with safer and more enjoyable experiences. Therefore, we look forward to having you share your expertise and experience in blockchain development with us in this exciting field that is shaping the future of gaming.


We are waiting for your applications and we welcome all talented candidates who want to join the Game Circle family. If you are a developer who believes in the power of blockchain technology in the game industry and is eager to develop original projects, we will be happy to meet you and to sign successful projects together.

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