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  • Come and feel how an ambulance driver feels in his everyday job.

  • Ambulance First is an endless car racing with realistic graphics and 3D models.

  • We have designed 3 different driver behaviors for you, namely, RUDE, INBETWEEN, RESPECTFUL.

  • You can select what kind of drivers you want to tackle around you while driving the patient to the hospital.

  • You can choose among fascinating ambulance cars and upgrade them by earning points.

  • As you start driving and gain experience, you level up in your career and take advantage of it in the game.

  • There are 3 different roads that you can choose based on your daily mood and taste. They are realistically modeled while keeping high performance experience.

  • You will also feel that lane passages are becoming more difficult as you proceed in the game. This will give you more challenge and return you as a fun factor.


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